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Cosmic Rocks was born when we encountered challenges finding working stones and crystals for our own healing practices. Eventually we realized that having the right selection of stones and crystals available benefits the community at large, not simply our own practices. You won't find any dyed or commercially augmented stones or crystals here. We love and respect the crystals as they are, for they are highly evolved and bring much to the table.  And so, if you are looking for natural crystals and stones to consciously work with on a personal or professional level, then you are in the right place.

Cosmic Rocks carries working crystals, semiprecious stones, and other metaphysical supplies including beautiful hand-crafted rattles and drums, divination cards and space clearing supplies for your healing practice and/or your personal use. Our pieces are carefully selected in small quantities and held in love until recognized by their person.


We look forward to making beautiful connections with and for you! We have extensive and reliable knowledge about the metaphysical properties of our crystals, which are carefully and thoughtfully selected from a variety of credible sources around the world.


We are thrilled to share our collection so please feel free to view our shop for the piece that calls to you! If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us as we have much in stock that is not shown here.


We welcome inquisitive questions, tender thoughts, and beautiful conversations! 

Yours in the highest light and love


Mountains in Clouds


Ancient Healing Modality

Erin Maze is one of very few Tameana practitioners in the world, and the first Tameana teacher in Canada.

​Tameana is an ancient healing modality dating back to Lemurian times. It combines the energies of crystals, sacred geometry, high vibrational symbols, and universal master healing energies. This profound healing technique reaches each recipient on all levels of their being and in all aspects of time.

Diamond Light Ascension Healing is Erin's own signature healing technique. It combines Tameana energies with the Diamond Light of Ascension to effect deep personal healing and assist individuals in the ascension process.



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