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crystal Grids

Grids are a great way to energetically support your projects. This one is supporting our manifestation goals.

Grids can be as simple or as complex as you would like. Choose a geometric formation that calls you - circle, triangle, square, merkaba etc. We always suggest following your intuition in creating and activating grids. For us, grids are typically built from the centre outwards. Decide how many crystals you want to use and make sure they are cleansed before building the grid. Select one to be your master crystal or anchoring energy. This is often the largest one, but it can be any one that you feel drawn to. As you hold the crystal, think about your intention for the grid. Imbue the crystal with that energy. You can write your intention on a piece of paper to place beneath the crystal, blow the energy of your intention into the crystal, visualize this crystal holding space for this intention. Once you feel satisfied and ready, place this crystal with care in the centre or anchoring position. Place your other crystals around it. When all of your crystals are in place, it is time to activate the grid - you can use your hand, your focused intention or another crystal to link the energies of each peripheral stone to the centre crystal and also to the crystal(s) beside it.

Your activated grid is now anchoring and amplifying your intention. Refresh the activation of your grid periodically, daily if possible, and anytime the crystals have been moved (like when the cat walks through or lays in it!)

When you are finished with the grid, thank the crystals as you disassemble. Be sure to cleanse the energies in the crystals so they are ready for their next job.

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