Larimar, Tanzanite and Clear Quartz are embedded in a foraged forest juniper wood handle. The bison hide rattle head is dyed a deep royal blue. This high vibrational rattle carries unicorn energy and can bring the amazing healing energies of the unicorn realm into your life or healing sessions.


  • Balancing, healing
  • Balanced water and fire energy
  • Assists clear communication of emotions and boundaries
  • Teaches self love, self respect and self nurturing


  • Activates 3rd eye, crown and etheric chakras
  • Links the heart and the mind
  • Enhances perception
  • Adherence to truth

Clear Quartz (in natural generator formation)

  • Master healer
  • Enhances the energies of other stones
  • Generator acts like an earth energy battery
    • Broadcast prayer energy through earth's electromagnetic field.

In a channeled reading with Debbi Lang, The Cosmic Detective (, this rattle tells us his name is Amonant, and he creates a buffer between the individual in the present moment and any family, karmic and life history. He brings a person into the NOW moment to see the self in the highest individuality. This allows one to release identification with aspects of the self that are not true or necessary. He adds that the unicorn energy he carries is of the Pegasus realm, unicorns with fully developed heart chakras that appear as radiant wings.

Rattle - Bison Hide with Larimar, Tanzanite and Clear Quartz