This bison hide rattle, Alamaria, features a gorgeous, big seraphinite cabuchon on a foraged driftwood handle. The handle alone has loads of character, with a stone naturally embedded in a crevice.


Seraphinite is considered to be one of the most (if not the most) important healing stones of this age.

  • High frequency energy stimulates the kundalini and hara line
  • It can clear the genetic matrix of outmoded patterns and tendencies
  • Aligns the physical body with light energy
  • Links the physical body with the angelic realm
  • Good for angelic and devic communication
  • Releases outdated emotional energies
  • Very high vibrational master healer

In a channeled reading, Alamaria tells us that she is directly connected to the Seraphim, the highest order of angels. She helps to birth and remember dreams, soul dreams, and assists manifestation. She helps one get in touch with the heart and the high heart. These two chakras are connected by a bridge via which the heart's longings move to the high heart for manifestation into physical. Seraphinite brings all colour rays together into unified white light, and floods the hara line and kundalini with this very high vibrational light energy. (Channeled by Debbi Lang, The Cosmic Detective,



Rattle - Bison Hide with Seraphinite "Alamaria"