A vibrational healing modality with crystals, sacred geometry and

universal master healing energies


Tameana is an ancient healing modality from the stars. Its history on earth dates back to the golden age of Lemuria, after which it was lost until only recently when it was channeled by Juan Manuel Giordano in Argentina. Tameana combines the energies of extremely high vibrational Light Language symbols, the amazing consciousness and capabilities of clear quartz and universal master healing energies from the Pleiades and the angelic realm to effect multi-level healing for the recipient. A Tameana treatment immerses the recipient in a deep state of relaxation, and offers profound healing on several vibrational levels and layers—mental, emotional, physical. Although the technique sounds abstract, the healing is very concrete and tangible.

Tameana is a healing appropriate and helpful for the ascension process which the entire planet is undergoing. We are currently moving from a dense, low frequency 3rd Dimensional energy into a much higher frequency 5th Dimensional energy. During a Tameana treatment, low vibrational energies held in the body are replaced with energies of a much higher vibrational frequency, blockages and attachments are removed if appropriate, and chakras are cleared and balanced.

A healing session can be conducted in person and also at a distance with equal ease, perfect for these times of "social distancing" and for those living outside of the Kamloops area.